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Pavers are a great alternative to concrete.  They are 4 times stronger than concrete per square inch. This is due to the way they are made.  Paver mix is vibrated to remove air bubbles, mixed colors which are cooked in throughout the paver which makes them look great for many years to come.  Some benefits of pavers are -  the rich colors don't fade like colored concrete, they are placed and locked in to block weeds, if a paver becomes broken, stained or cracked it can be replaced with a new one without tearing out the entire project.  This product is more costly than concrete but only by about 20%, which means you get a far better longer lasting product for a small portion more than inferior concrete.  

  • What are pavers made of?
    concrete which is colored and vibrated to get the air bubbles out which is why they are extremely strong and the color lasts
  • Are pavers more than concrete? and if so how much?
    Yes - about 20%-40% more depending on your paver choice and location they are placed 1. pavers require a great deal of site preperation labor costs are conciderable 2. soils and debris will need to be graded and removed to approx. 9 inches deep for pavers 3. geotextile fabric (weed paper), class 2 base and concrete washed sand all need to be placed, graded, leveled out to proper elevation, compacted all prior to a single paver being placed 4. cost of pavers vary depending on style, color, manufacturer and there are quite a bit to be placed. About an entire pallet of pavers just for approx. 100 sq feet 5. paver edges have to have cuts made to complete them which takes labor and time 6. a special polymer sand is swept between the pavers and compacted in and cleaned up and repeated again and then swept up again
  • Are pavers better than concrete? if so, why?"
    Of course this is personal choice, but most people are aware of the benefits of pavers vs. concrete and why they are superior. Pavers don't crack like concrete. There are 3 guarantees with concrete - It wont catch fire It wont be stolen It will crack Pavers can be replaced without the entire project have to be replaced as well or not matching afterword like concrete Pavers are 4 times stronger and the color doesn't fade and is easy to clean Pavers add color to your home and character as well as being great for re-sale value
  • What type of pavers are there and what colors are offered?
    There are tons of different styles and colors. It comes down to personal preference If you want to save money, stick with simple patterns and one color If you want a higher end paver look then options with 5 paver sets with blended colors may be the way you would go. There is even a style called "Arbel and Mega Arbel" that resemble flagstones
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